Artist statement.
Whilst old photographs might be thought of as silent pieces of paper they are also objects that communicate events and experiences. As they get older they become yellowed with age, have marks and rips, possibly remnants of glue from where they were once pasted into an album. Someone once held, touched, or wrote on them, their markings are perceptible links with the past. Despite any flaws they are kept for their symbolic value chronicling happy occasions; an ageing print that outlives the original subject is often all that remains. 
Mum and dad's photographs are just ordinary snaps but meaning changes, they signify something different now. Paper Memories explores abstract concepts; temporality, materiality, love, loss and longing. Working with my late parents' archive enables me to reinterpret the past. Old photographs are static objects but their meaning constantly evolves, they are never anchored in time.
Judith is a Worcestershire based photographer with an interest in the preservation of photographic archives and their use in an artistic practice. We only see snippets of information when viewing any photograph, there is always a gap between what we see and what we truly know. This break in time is what makes snapshots unequalled; Judith's interventions allow alternative and new dialogues to be imagined. Paper Memories incorporates two distinct but connected series; Hireth and Frozen (in time).  
Photography CV
2022- (in progress) BA (Hons) Photography Degree Open College of the Arts, Barnsley, UK. 
2007- Digital Photography: Creating and Sharing Better Images. The Open University, UK. 
2022- Paper Memories (Solo exhibition) at The Hive, Worcestershire. 12th-24th August. 
2021- I wish time could stand still and I miss her stories at Then and Now (Group exhibition) Galerie Huit Arles, Arles, France. 4th July-26th September.
Successful Open Calls  / Competitions. ​​​​​​​
2022- Hireth awarded Gold Winner in the Budapest International Foto Awards Fine Art-Collage category. 
2022-Paper Memories awarded Bronze Winner in the Budapest International Foto Awards  Fine Art-Collage category.
2022 -Finalist in the AOP Student Awards (Places Category).
2022- Hireth Shortlisted and Highly Commended in the Belfast Photography Festival.
2021-  Finalist in the AOP Student Awards (Places Category).
2021 - Winner in the 1854 Open Walls Open Call. 
Publications / Online / Social Media Shares.
2023- Belfast Photo Festival Residency [online] 
2022-Keep your distance featured in Photo Trouvée [online].  
2022- A selection of images featured in Source Graduate Photography [online]. 
2021-Before she was grandma featured in Shutter Hub Yearbook 2021 [online]. 
2021-  His eyes were the colour of the sea featured in Photograd Gallery [online].  
2021- Untitled featured in Photo Trouvée [online].  
2020- Me with my youngest grandson, late 1950's & 2019  featured in Edinburgh Collage Collective [online]. 
2020- Mum, late 1940's  featured in Photo Trouvée [online].  
2020- Paper memories: The materiality of analogue snapshots and their enduring affect.  Dissertation. 
2019- Mum & Joan, Sept 1939  featured in Save Family Photos [online]. 
2019 -The Wave featured in Lens Culture Emerging Talents Awards 2019 Gallery [online]. 
2018-  Forget me not featured in an Open College of the Arts Facebook post [online]
2013-The Gunwalloe Ghost  featured in The Big Issue in the North (1-7th April issue). 
2010- How's it look ! featured in the Open College of the Arts  2010-2011 OCA Guide. 
2010- Strong featured in an Open College of the Arts advertisement campaign, Black and White Photography Magazine  (January issue).  
2010- How's it look and Strong featured in the Open College of the Arts Showcase Magazine (Issue No. 5). 
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