Paper Memories.
Artist Statement.
The small green leather case was kept in a cupboard in mum and dad's bedroom. Inside were their old analogue snapshots and albums; paper memories. As a child they transported me to another era, to a time when my parents' were young. 
Whilst old photographs might be thought of as silent pieces of paper they are also objects that communicate events and experiences. As they get older they become yellowed with age, have marks and rips, possibly remnants of glue from where they were once pasted into an album. Someone once held, touched, or wrote on them, their markings are perceptible links with the past. Despite any flaws they are kept for their symbolic value chronicling happy occasions; an ageing print that outlives the original subject is often all that remains. 
Mum and dad's photographs are just ordinary snaps but meaning changes, they signify something different now. Paper Memories explores abstract concepts; temporality, materiality, love, loss and longing. It incorporates two distinct but connected series of work; Hireth and Frozen (in time). Working with my late parents' archive enables me to reinterpret the past. Old photographs are static objects but their meaning constantly evolves, they are never anchored in time.